What you should not feed tadpoles

By | June 30, 2016

Get aware about the eating habits of tadpoles

Tadpole, which is an aquatic larva having a tail of amphibia such as frog, salamander, toad or newt often breath through gills further more lack legs until it reaches its later stages of physical development. People who are interested in raising them as pets or increasing its population for controlling insects may find it essential to know about what one should not be feeding to them. The perfect diet for such aquatic larva will help them grow to a healthier frog. Tadpole is a combination of two words that is “toad” and “head”. These usually define undeveloped frog embryos. When kept under correct or appropriate conditions, such embryos grow quickly. There is a requirement of a considerable extent of care so as to make them grow in adult frogs.

what not to feed tadpole
Female frog lay eggs which contain jelly-like substance. It acts a protective shield from predators. On the surface of water, these eggs clump together until it hatches. A tail is being developed on the back side of these tadpoles which help such aquatic larva to find underwater food.
Many may be concern about the diet which should be avoided for tadpoles. We all know what tadpoles eat, but let’s know about what you should not feed them. Though small insects are the common diet of such creatures yet you can proffer it with anything which is small in size and fit in their mouths easily.

You need to pay attention toward what not to feed tadpoles:

•    It is essential to provide a good amount of food to growing tadpoles as these are voracious. Do not provide these creatures with every green vegetable. Avoid green leaves which do not contain enough nutrition. Experts have recommended spinach for tadpoles. It provides them with required nutrient and it can be consumed by them easily.
•    You should not provide them with food stuff that is hard in nature and which cannot be consumed easily. In order to provide them with a good amount of protein never use Egg’s white. It can reduce their strength and do not provide necessary nutrients as well.
•    Avoid chunks which are hard to consume. Instead of this food stuff you can use baby food. These substances contain essential protein and easily digestible. It became soft and tadpoles can eat such material with ease. You can spread it over the tank which as tadpoles growing inside it. It get mixed with water and these larva can eat it eventually.
•    Raw lettuce is also avoided. It is very hard and it becomes difficult for these creatures to digest it. Before feeding larvae you should boil it at least for ten to fifteen minutes. When it gets soften, then slice it eventually and spread over tank. It is among the favorite food of developing tadpoles. It is rich in protein and other nutrients as well. Worms that are big in size or are of vibrant color should be avoided for feeding tadpoles. These stuffs can contain numerous toxin which can retard the growth of larvae. Before feeding them with worm you need to ensure such aspects. Worms should be chopped into small pieces and should be boiled for 10-15 minutes.

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