What do lizards eat?

By | July 7, 2018

Lizards have over 3800 recorded subspecies and that makes it one of the largest reptilian groups on this planet; lizards are cold-blooded and rarely aggressive which makes them perfect pet material. But every so often people gets confused over what lizards eat. Other than the staple ‘Flies’ we may be hard-pressed to figure out what is it that they consume each day. If this sounds familiar to you, then do read on.

what do lizards eat

Lizards come in all sizes and shapes, from ten inches to over ten feet; it all depends on the type of sub-species that you have selected. And when you take an overview of all the lizards out there from your regular garden variety Gecko to Komodo dragons, it can be quite hard to believe that all the lizards are related and belong to the same family. That makes the question of what lizards eat, all the more interesting. Lizards are today, mainly found in tropical areas, in and around the equator but no matter the sheer diversity in species, they are all cold-blooded, have overlapping scales, great vision, and some live long lives.

When you are feeding your lizard, you need to remember that the lizard has its own nutritional requirements and that its diet will vary from the time it was free and in the wild. Chances are that you are already puzzled over what to feed your lizard, that’s ok, you can always consult your vet and get all the information you need regarding the diet of house lizards.

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What do wild lizards eat?

The best thing that you can do is to watch a documentary on lizards in the wild as that should give you a good idea as to what they normally consume in the wild. Of course, you already know that they consume cricket, flies but other than this, any small insect should do the trick. Lizards are known to eat small spiders, caterpillars, snails but the really devious ones; the Komodo dragon comes with a paralyzing agent in its saliva which it put to good use by disarming the victim. The Komodo dragon is the largest of its kind and it can weigh a bit on the heavy end. As a result, it may not be able to run fast which is why it uses its saliva to disarm and eventually, killdeer, pigs and even some humans.

The lizard can be quite ruthless when it comes to the question of its meal but it may not be possible for you to get large prey to feed your Komodo dragon. Instead, you would have to make do with a chicken substitute.

What do pet lizards eat?

Pet lizards generally eat insects and you should be able to get the same in a decently equipped pet store. A good diet will also include a few greens and a rich nutrient diet should help your lizard live around longer. And if you are also taking care of a baby lizard then please remember that a baby lizard will often require a UK light and heat for good growth.

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