What do hamsters eat?

By | February 27, 2018

A hamster is a very popular pet. However, since they are still not as widely regarded as pets as dogs and cats, many people tend to make a bunch of mistakes when they begin to care for a hamster. Most of these mistakes, sadly, are related to food. A lot of people make the mistake of feeding their hamster an assortment of items from the kitchen, feeding them scraps and whatnot. Although hamsters are actually a little nearer to us in terms of food, that still does not mean that they will be able to process everything. As a result, it often so happens that a hamster’s already short lifespan is brutally curtailed. To avoid making such mistakes, read on.

what do hamsters eat

They are omnivores

It is important to note that a hamster is, originally, a wild animal. They are mostly found in dry places, usually somewhere around the outskirts of a desert. Usually, such wild hamsters will feed on anything that they find dibble and is handily found. They are not predators, naturally, so they will not attack small animals and eat. However, they are omnivores, much like humans, which means they will eat both meat and vegetables. It is important to note, however, that just like humans, they must also get a very balanced diet to live a full, healthy life.

Vegetables, fruits, and meat

A hamster will happily feed on a variety of vegetables and fruits. They love fruits, and apples, grapes, pears, and cucumbers are very much loved by these tiny creatures. They are also highly fond of carrots and will chomp those down faster than you can give them. However, it is best to remember that carrots contain a very high amount of sugar, so it is best not to give too much of it to your hamster. Hamsters can also be fed on meat; if you are not too squeamish, you can get some mealworms and grasshoppers or crickets for your hamster to chow on. Apart from this, a few pieces of cooked chicken or beef will also be welcomed by your hamster. Avoid pork, though, since there are reports of the animals falling sick from consuming pork.

Ration its food

In fact, you need to very carefully ration the food you are giving to your hamster; they tend to become fat, and like humans, sugar and fat are fatal for these creatures. They store the food in their cheek pouches for later use, so if you see your hamster begging for more food with already bulging cheeks, put your foot down. You can leave around some dog treat kibble for the hamster if you are going out for a long time, but make sure it does not eat it all together as that will lead to explosive diarrhea.

It is best not to believe in rumors that say that hamsters feed only at night, or that they practice cannibalism. Wild hamsters come out to feed at night because they are insecure about their small size and avoid predators by coming out only at night, which is relatively safe for them. And even though hamsters will occasionally kill and consume an unusually weak or ill fellow, or if the population is too high and/or there is a shortage of food, they do not routinely murder and devour each other. They also do not usually feed on their newborn babies, unless the babies are already dead and the food is already scarce.

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