What do Goldfish eat?

By | January 19, 2018

So, you’re planning to get some gold fish and keep them as your aquatic pets. Well you have taken a wise decision as gold fish are generally easy to maintain. They are also rather inexpensive to purchase and even the most exotic varieties can be acquired for a few dollars. They also come with a ton of other benefits. They will eat most of what you give them, they don’t need water heaters to keep the water warm as they can live in cold and warm waters and they will be fine without food for a few weeks, which is really helpful when you go on vacations. Now those reasons might have persuaded you further to get a gold fish. But, you still don’t know what to feed them. Well fret not because here I will tell you what Gold fishes eat.

what do goldfish eat

What Gold fish eat naturally:

The first thing to know is that gold fish are omnivores, which means they eat both plant and animal based diets. In their natural habitats gold fish eat plants, insects, crustaceans and sometimes other smaller fish. Back in our homes it’s really hard for us to replicate their natural diet so we have to find other ways to feed them.

What to feed them in our homes:

The most common way to feed fishes these days is to buying packaged fish food in the form of pellets or flakes. It is however to be noted that different species of fish have different dietary needs and therefore buying generic fish food won’t suffice. Gold fish have their own unique dietary requirements and therefore it is best to get fish food that is specially made for gold fish.

For example, Gold fish food is generally lower in protein and has more carbohydrates than other fish food. However gold fish specific fish foods are pretty common so, you don’t need to worry too much about finding them. The common forms of fish food are pellets or flakes and these have their set of differences. Flakes when exposed to air for long periods of time tend to lose their nutritional value, pellets on the other hand can hold on to their nutritional value better and for longer periods of time. Pellets however sometimes cannot be swallowed by smaller fish because of their size. This isn’t an issue with flakes which can be consumed even by the larger fish.

Apart from these, gold fish also eat boiled vegetables, blood worms and brine shrimp. They will also eat peas that have the skins removed. The problem with live food such as blood worms however is that they might bring diseases to your gold fish. There are freeze dried and frozen alternatives that fix this issue, they are not quite good but do provide most of the benefits that comes with live feed.

How much to feed your Gold fishes:

Gold fishes don’t have a stomach like we do and because of this they don’t feel full after they eat a good amount of food. This means that the more you feed them the more they keep eating and this can lead to their intestines being congested and swim bladder problems occurring. You should feed your goldfish two or three times a day but must make sure that you feed them small quantities at a time and not over feed them.

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