What do ducks eat?

By | February 9, 2018

Ducks are wonderful little creatures. Get a couple of ducks for your garden pond, and they will happily sail around, breeding little ducklings. They can be immensely friendly too, and will soon be eating out of your hand, although they do take some time to get used to people. Their eggs are nutritious, and, if you wish to go that way, their meat is delicious as well. But whether you are raising ducks as part of your poultry farm or simply keeping them as lovely waddling pets, you need to give them the right kind of food. So what is the kind of food ducks go for?

what do ducks eat


Ducks do really love all kinds of corn. Some people will go for cracked corn, while others opt for the whole variety. It really depends on your preference, since ducks will chew down the corn chow in almost any form. Cracked corm is said to be easier for the ducks to digest; on the other hand, it is widely proved that the coating of oil on the outside of a while corn kernel- which is missing in the cracked corn- is very beneficial for the ducks. Of course, do not give them anything like steamed corn or popcorn since they will not get any nutrition, and will probably not be able to digest them anyway.


Of course, all birds love them some creepy crawlies, and these pond-dwellers are no exception. Get them insects in any form- dead or alive, whole worms or worm meal, and they will gobble up the lot. Almost any kind of insect will do for the ducks- however, it is best to steer clear of those ants; it is difficult to net them, and if a few are still alive by the time the duck starts eating, it will be a most painful and unpleasant experience. If you are into fishing, then buy some more fish bait to feed to your ducks as well.

Grains and seeds

Birds are also united in their love for grains and seeds. If you have birds at home, or regularly fill up a generous bird feeder, then you likely have a whole bunch of assorted grains already. And you definitely have some quinoa, brown or white rice, and oats for your own consumption. All these work very well for ducks. Those low-maintenance birds are happy with basically any kind of grains, so you can safely stock up on chicken feed and ensure complete nutrition for the ducks. Bird seed, however, is an especial favorite with them.

Snack time

Apart from regular food, you can also give your ducks some treats during your bonding sessions. But do not go overboard because they tend to overeat, and gain weight at the drop of a hat. So go with healthy options like whole wheat bread, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. They are nutritious, delicious from a ducky point of view, and will soon have your ducks eating out of your hand, literally.

Ducks are wonderfully low-maintenance creatures. All they need is some clean water (they make a mess while eating so cleaning their dwelling is important), enough room to waddle about, and a loving home. The best part is that they are not even restricted to the water body, so you can have some fun with them inside your home or in the lawn. And feeding them is no-sweat, since all the food is easily available and quite inexpensive.

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