How tadpoles turn into frogs – life cycle of tadpoles

By | June 8, 2016

While developing from egg to frogs, the young ones become tiny tadpoles in between. With a long tail and quickly developing feet, they swim into the water with the help of the tiny gills provided in the body. Transformation of the tadpole into frogs is caused by the secretion of the hormone inside the thyroid gland. The process of change is referred to as metamorphosis.  Let us know in detail what it’s all about:

tadpoles to frog


Total time duration required for the tadpole to change into frog might vary from one case to another. Generally, it can be as short as few weeks or might extend to few months. Some species of the frog like the bull frog remain in the tadpole state for 2 years. Therefore, if you want quick metamorphosis, make sure that suitable species is selected.

Growth of hind legs:

Changes in tadpole are initiated by the growth of the back legs which get additional strength once the front legs come into the picture. It is followed by the growth of the lungs and gradual elimination of the gills from the body. The entire process is fascinating as it unravels how the young ones are transformed into adults.

Change of diet:

As the tadpole grows into an adult frog, the digestive system undergoes a profound change to accommodate the transition from herbivores to carnivores’ dietary habit. Long tail disappears once the young one is transformed into a mature adult. During the above-mentioned phase, tadpoles tend to consume less food as they derive protein from the body.

Tips for seamless growth:

During the transition phase, the young one should get out of the water on a periodical basis. Use sticks and small rocks that could be submerged in the water for creating a ramp. It is important to take care of tadpoles and make sure that they are stable so that the growing frog can easily venture out on the ground. Try to find ways for making a gravel slope connecting the water container to the land area because once the lungs fully develop and the gills are lost, tadpoles can easily drown if they continue to live under water.

Type of food during metamorphosis:

Young froglets should be given a combination of crickets, fruit flies, small worms and insects for healthy growth. Patience is the key to seeing the young tadpoles develop into fully grown adults capable of living underwater and on land.

Changes into a froglet:

Tadpoles metamorphose into froglets as they lose 25% of the weight. Total time duration to achieve the stage extends from 10 to 13 weeks. The disappearance of the tail is caused due to the process of apoptosis. It is a term used for the death of living cells in the body because of the programmed suicide mode which gets activated during the growth process. Froglets lose their gills and absorb oxygen as well as water through their skin.

With fall in temperature, they undergo hibernation in the water only to surface during the spring time. After attaining adulthood, the frogs live for a maximum of 7 years.

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