Tadpoles food while raising at home

By | May 20, 2017

Raising the tadpole demands skill and lots of knowledge about the tiny organism.  Before watching it grow into a big frog, you should take care of its feeding requirements. The coiled intestines of tadpole make it suitable for the digestion of the plants. Let’s take a look at its dietary habits and the nutrition that would help it to grow faster and healthier. So, let’s answer the question every tadpole caretaker asks: What do tadpoles eat?

tadpoles food

Green plants and vegetables:

Lettuce, spinach and green grapes can be good fodder for the tadpole. Prior to feeding the young ones, make sure that greens are thoroughly cleaned for dirt can cause infections and deaths. In addition, they should be cut into small parts for easy digestion by the tadpoles. Do not buy vegetables from the market but try to grow the homemade stuff as it is quite healthy and doesn’t contain artificial chemicals. Pet owners can use lettuce by cleaning and boiling them for some time. Later on, you can freeze and cut them for feeding the tadpoles.

Requirement of protein:

Tadpoles require protein when they are hatching out from the egg clusters. Over a period of time, the young ones feed on its yolk sac to grow. Protein sources are also required when the legs of the tadpoles are growing. It should be administered twice in a week. One can take the leaves from the creek near the house and place them in the container. The tadpoles feed on the algae and also hide beneath the greenery.

Requirement of calcium:

Tadpoles may also require calcium as it plays a very important role in enhancing the endurance of the tiny critters. You can purchase the liquid supplement from the market or use a cuttle bone that should be placed inside the housing for the total duration of the tadpole development. Whenever the water is changed, two drops of calcium liquid should be added to the mix.


You can purchase the special food online for the tadpole. They are available according to different health formulae and provide impeccable growth as well as development. Diet consists of essential nutrients to keep the young ones healthy. Vegetable flaks can be a good option for the tadpoles as they facilitate seamless metamorphosis into adults. Proper dietary regime prevents the occurrence of the complications and the premature death of the tadpoles.

Things that you should not feed to tadpoles:

One should not feed meat, chicken pellets or animal food. They can cause long term harm to the tadpoles and will create problems during the development process.

Quantity of feed:

Rather than stuffing up the tiny organism with large amount of food stuff, it is vital to feed the tadpole with small amount of food frequently. It will not only help in digestion but also avoid unnecessary complications. The young critters will not be able to consume large amount of food and it can lie idle inside the water leading to the proliferation of bacteria.  Tadpoles rarely feed on blood worms in spite of them being rich source of proteins.

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