How to take care of tadpoles?

By | June 7, 2016

Young tadpoles are very tender and a slight carelessness on your part might lead to sudden death. One can rear the tiny organisms so that they can transform into adult frogs for eating the bugs mosquitoes and gnats. In order to keep the tadpole healthy, you need to adhere to the following steps.

how to take care of tadpoles

Use a perfect container:

Select the container depending on the size of the tadpoles. It should be sufficiently big and placed outdoors for rapid growth. In external environment, tadpoles are provided lots of mosquitoes that provide regular feeds. In addition, presence of oxygen could go a long way in enhancing the development process. Container can be a large tank or even an oven roast bowel.

Place a prefect base below the container:

You can use the gravels for covering and add in one or two rocks to the eclectic mix. Presence of small weeds and grass in water is essential as the tadpoles can cling and feed on the available roots. The plants placed in the water should be free from pesticides or else they might lead to the elimination of the tadpoles.

Arrange for the shades:

Direct sunlight might not be a healthy option for the tadpoles; therefore you should provide shade that can extend to about 75% of the housing. The organism can escape the heat as and when required.

Quality of the water:

Chlorine should not be mixed with the water as it is detrimental to the lives of tadpole. Generally clean or distilled water is ideal however the tap water should be placed for about a day in the container. Once the chlorine disappears, you can release the tadpoles without any problem. Rainwater is helpful for the nourishment and the growth of the tiny frog.

Drain out the water:

You should change the water on a regular basis to regulate the level of Ph. Turkey Baster can be wonderful option to accomplish the task without causing any problem to the tadpole. It can also be used to eliminate debris gathering at the bottom of the container.


Do not get over anxious while the tadpoles develop into frogs. The total time duration extends to several months. During the winter season, the growth is slow while during summers when the temperature is about 60 degree F, they grow at a faster clip.

Lay the ground work for the metamorphosis:

When the tadpoles are changing, make sure to use a new container with dirt so that they can walk with their new legs.

One should not provide food to the tadpoles while they have sprouted arms because young ones use tail for feeding.

Cleaning is essential:

Cleaning is extremely essential because it plays an important role in eliminating bacteria and the harmful microorganisms from the water. They are extremely harmful to the growth of the tadpoles in the container. Once they grow up into frogs, you might require a bigger container for housing.

Prior to facilitate the growth of the tadpole, conduct research about the behavior and feeding pattern.

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