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What do frogs eat?

We have already told you about what do tadpoles eat, but when these tadpoles turn into frogs, their food habits also change. Take a look at what do frogs eat. Food for frogs Frogs sure make for cute pets, which makes them popular household companions around the world. While some skeptics will say that the… Read More »

Tadpoles food while raising at home

Raising the tadpole demands skill and lots of knowledge about the tiny organism.  Before watching it grow into a big frog, you should take care of its feeding requirements. The coiled intestines of tadpole make it suitable for the digestion of the plants. Let’s take a look at its dietary habits and the nutrition that… Read More »

What you should not feed tadpoles

Get aware about the eating habits of tadpoles Tadpole, which is an aquatic larva having a tail of amphibia such as frog, salamander, toad or newt often breath through gills further more lack legs until it reaches its later stages of physical development. People who are interested in raising them as pets or increasing its… Read More »

How to raise tadpoles at home?

Tadpoles develop from the egg and are very tender; therefore, they require lots of attention if you want to nurse them in the home. It is not necessary to have a very big space in order to provide accommodation to the little creatures. On the contrary, an aquarium or a small bowl would be sufficient… Read More »

How tadpoles turn into frogs – life cycle of tadpoles

While developing from egg to frogs, the young ones become tiny tadpoles in between. With a long tail and quickly developing feet, they swim into the water with the help of the tiny gills provided in the body. Transformation of the tadpole into frogs is caused by the secretion of the hormone inside the thyroid… Read More »

How to take care of tadpoles?

Young tadpoles are very tender and a slight carelessness on your part might lead to sudden death. One can rear the tiny organisms so that they can transform into adult frogs for eating the bugs mosquitoes and gnats. In order to keep the tadpole healthy, you need to adhere to the following steps. Use a… Read More »